Time flies…

Yea, so it’s been a while.

Mostly, because I’ve been writing daily logs for the RGSoC project and I found it hard to sit down again after that and write more stuff.

No excuses!

So, I’m living in a world of React now.

React.js specifically, and even more specifically, the create-react-app kit that comes with a ton of boilerplate that allows you to start playing with your new React.js site in just a couple of minutes.

Essentially, once you’ve downloaded a couple of tidbits, your run “npm start“, and you are live. From then on you can start fiddling with your site!

The things that I’ve learned in the past couple of days:
– how to create GitHub pull requests
– how to modify a .config file with vim (not nice!)
– how to create a .env file
– what Travis CI is
how to create forms in React
– still a bit dodgy about states and props in React – but getting better
Fetch API
– HTTP requests with Postman and cURL
– what material UI is
– how to destroy your Vagrant (scary!), for resetting (after having messed up some files while unsuccessfully editing them with Vim). Spoiler alert! Vim is hard…

It’s terrific to be finally working on a real project. There are still more questions than answers at this point, and I’m just about googling every single sentence one of the coaches utters, but we are getting there. I think?

In other news, we hosted a really good meetup celebrating the RGSoC kickoff and GirlsCode one-year anniversary. And while it’s been a year of ups and downs and lots of learning on the go, I’m happy where we are: more than 300 members strong, more than 30 events a year with high attendance. Here’s to another year!