RGSoC is over. Now what?

The Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) is an initiative to get more women into coding and into open-source development. As you might know, I participated in RGSoC 2018, along with my coding buddy Georgina. Together we worked on an open source project called Bahmni.

Our job was to create a ReactJS app for registering persons. The code for the app is available here.

rails girls summer of code bahmni

What did I learn?

Lots! Coming into RGSoC I had limited experience of working in a team (as a developer) and working on a big project. With Bahmni I got the chance to work in an international team, working on an app with a large existing codebase and many stakeholders involved (and documentation, lots of documentation!).

But, what exactly?

I got the chance to learn and use ReactJS. I got much much better at using git and GitHub, became more confident with Linux commands and debugging in the terminal.

I learned about yarn and yarn dependencies, VSCode and some cool shortcuts and plugins (prettier!), setting up a good project structure, jest and running tests (and the importance of tests!).

I learned to find (and follow)  people who aren’t just experts in their field, but who are also great at teaching.

I became better at dissecting big assignment into little, much more manageable tasks. I became better at prioritizing.

I went to coding workshops and conferences and became more comfortable at attending them.

Most importantly, I gained the confidence in solving coding problems on my own.

Would I recommend applying for RGSoC?

In short, yes! It’s a great opportunity to work on a worthwhile project (and get paid for it!).

You will also have a ton of support while you are at it! We had local coaches, a project mentor (as well as access to the project’s core team) and an RGSoC supervisor who made sure that we were both enjoying the experience.

To get most out of RGSoC it helps if you are a good communicator, self-disciplined, motivated and organized (besides having an unlimited amount of enthusiasm to learn). It definitely helps if you’ve worked in remote or international teams before.

What’s next?

As of October, I’ll be dividing my time between organising events for GirlsCode MK and working as a freelance web developer.

October/November is busy for us in terms of events, as besides regular meetups, we’ll be holding Django Girls MK, Ada Lovelace Wikipedia edit-a-thon and a Cryptoparty MK.

I’m currently already working two projects – one is a ReactJS one and the other is more about web design.

I’ll also be joining an accelerator to figure out how we can build up GirlsCode MK as a social enterprise or just generally a more impactful organisation.