ReactJS all the way!

Wow, time flies… But at least I’m having fun!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to cram so much into my brain! Sometimes this results in dreaming about inputs and attributes, other times just lots of stress and anxiety. This is a quick summary of what I’ve been up to.

1. Dogs are awesome

I’m so happy I have a dog. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull myself away from the computer to walk her only to get the solution mid-walk. Breaks are important. And so is hydration. It’s very easy to get yourself sucked into a problem or a bug, but it’s important to give yourself an exit time (for me it’s 2 hours). If I haven’t solved in that time, I’m not allowed to work on it until the next day. It works. In theory. 

2. Headings

I’ve been reading a book on web design and usability and they say you need to use more headings than you think. So I’ll be doing that.

3. ReactJS is fun

If you asked me what I think of ReactJS just a 5 weeks ago, I would have no idea. Now I know a little bit more. I know that ReactJS has a really active and helpful community. Their documentation is pretty great. The library itself is fast and very customizable. Have I mentioned it’s way better than Vue? (I challenge you, Vue readers).

4. Dates are tricky

Dates, as in dates and time, they are a mess to deal with. Calculating distances between dates, formatting things correctly, ugh, a nightmare. So happy for momentJS.

5. I had an interview

To work on an open source project once I finish RGSoC. Really great organization and I really hope I get it! Yay!

6. Github is less scary

Thanks mostly to a workshop that we hosted at GirlsCode MK (shoutout to coach Neil!) – so useful! As a result, I’m now much braver with everything GitHub (including reverting changes, re-opening PRs and mass deleting local branches).

6. Meetings are important

Some more than the other. Good communication is crucial. My preferred tools are slack and zoom.

7. Special mentions

The wonderful coaches and mentors: Ivo, David, Kalan, Neil, Rob.

WatchandCode series for teaching me so much Javascript.

This tutorial on writing controlled components in ReactJS.

Css tricks and their post on Using Fetch. for finding great resources.

RGSoC for supporting me!