Outreachy Saga: Part IV – Midpoint

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Not enough time, it seems, and painstakingly slow progress are the ones to blame.

I was also stuck in one of the GitHub issues for quite a little while. I found it impossible to write about problem-solving, learning and improving, when it felt like I wasn’t making much progress at all!

I’ve just started my last month of the internship. I know I’ve already learned so much, but there are still so many things that I don’t understand, and I’m not sure I would be able to solve without the help of a mentor.

Which is scary.

A part of me is also wondering ‘what’s next?’, and ‘should I start applying for jobs?’. Probably.

Even though at times it does feel like I’m getting nowhere – and, of course, I have very high expectation for myself – I’m quite happy with the work I’ve done so far. Despite the fat that my days are still full of “duh, I should’ve known this already!” moments).

The main goal of my project is to improve the accessibility in perf-html. Accessibility is a largely overlooked topic, and I’m proud to be contributing to making the web (a little bit) less broken.

The scope of my project is huge, but Julien (my mentor) and I remain flexible in our planning and we keep readjusting the goals – a big reason for that is that I also keep discovering new bugs (and sometimes there are bugs within bugs that need solving first!).

It really helps that we break down the tasks into agile sprints, which get reviewed in our weekly 1-to-1 meetings. That way the tasks are smaller, easier to measure and, once completed, you can feel good about ticking that box (or, in my case, moving the post-it from “in review” to “done”!).

Besides working on accessibility, learning more about React/Redux, GitHub workflow and agile, I also had a chance to speak at a conference. (the slides from my FOSDEM talk are available here).