Outreachy Saga: Part II – Getting Unstuck

After a couple of weeks of Outreachy behind me, I feel a little bit less like a deer caught in the headlights. Maybe.

The team and I fell into a comfortable routine. I have a meeting every day, standups and team meetings – just short reports on how we are all doing, and what issues we are currently working on.

It’s nice that I’m considered as one of them.

I meet Julien (a.k.a. the coach) on Tuesdays. Last Tuesday we reviewed my previous Story (Agile, baby) and now I’m working on a new one. Which is tough!

I’ve been working on it for the past few days, but not much progress. The only progress is seen in ‘eliminating bad ideas’ and seeing what doesn’t work.

Julien warned me that this task is going to be harder and to give it my best shot. ‘You’ve got a week’, he said, before going away for holidays. And ‘Don’t worry if you get stuck’.

Of course I worry. Who doesn’t like to do a good job?

We’ve also agreed on some easier tasks to do if I get too frustrated or need my small wins. And I’m also learning tons about accessibility on the side and coming up with ideas for future fixes of our app.

So here I am, doing a lot of Googling and bookmarking.

My main task is to fix a display issue when using keyboard navigation. We have several menu buttons that are overlaying and while that’s not an issue generally, the buttons become messy when they receive ‘focus’ with keyboard navigation.

I also need to simplify the CSS styling for the said buttons, using a third-party React library.

The library is used for CSS animations and on top of conditional rendering, things got complex pretty quickly.

I’m not giving up though. I’m taking this as an opportunity to experiment and learn on my own, but knowing that once the team is back from holidays, they will be there to help me.