Outreachy: Day6

Today was the first official day of my Outreachy project (I spent the first week in Orlando, meeting the entire team at Mozilla’s AllHands). 

It’s been a busy one. And slightly overwhelming! (I’m trying to keep the exclamation marks at the minimum, but if I get carried away, it’s because I’m silently panicking…)

I’m spending some time trying to understand the project as a whole, understanding how Mozilla works, how my team works and then diving into specific tasks.

I also had an afternoon session with Julien about Agile and how we’ll be using it. Fancy stuff. I know about epics, stories and tasks. And points!

Other stuff I learned:

The difference between visibility: hidden, opacity and display: none. This was useful. 

The various ARIA display widgets from W3.org

Keyboard navigation conventions from here. How are tab indexes (indices?) and access keys used?

And generally experimenting with my current task. Aiming to submit my first PR tomorrow. Psyche! 

Also WordPress has a new editor, pretty neat.