Outreachy: Day24

Still more of the git warm-hole:

Julien saved the day with:

git reset --soft upstream/master
git commit -m [commit message]
git push -f origin HEAD

Must remember!

This was to squish my ugly PR (with 9 commits and nonsense commit messages) into a single commit with an updated (and slightly less nonsensical) commit message.

Some nice git cheatsheets here.

I use git remote show origin all the time. For adding a remote repo: git remote add remote-name


git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master

And, of course, there’s many more.

I spent quite a long time battling with CSS as well.

A review of selecting sibling selectors, another review of the outline property (and how it differs from the border property).

Mozilla has really nice documentation. This is the styling for buttons.

And also, I might go to the FOSDEM conference. To speak, of course. Because that’s what I do these days. I’m an intern, you see.

Sigh, time to revaluate my life choices tomorrow.