Outreachy: Day22

It’s been a while, but I’m back! My team is back too, so full steam ahead!

I’ve been spending quite some time captioning our app’s video tutorials on YouTube – getting better and better with it too.

Meeting with Julien, my mentor, is always good. He is helpful, but also gives me a lot of time to experiment and figure things out on my own. And says ‘Don’t worry’ a lot, which is good too 🙂

I’ve been going through Udacity’s course on web accessibility. I really like their exercises and I’m learning a lot – and also writing down suggestions for how we could improve perf-html.

This on how to show git changes that have been changed and I’ve also added some aliases in the .gitconfig file.

Reading through “I Threw Away My Mouse” blog that Julien recommended, about navigating the web with just the keyboard (for a week!).

(Notes from I Threw Way My Mouse)

  • use custom focus style (clearly visible and distinguishable)
  • :focus-visible polyfill or a similar technique to create specific focus styles for keyboard users.
  • skip link
  • Hiding focusable items by using the hidden attribute or setting display to none
  • avoid wrong semantics/HTML
  • practice focus management
  • be careful with tabindex

And, of course, lots of tinkering with CSSTransitions still!

Listening to RadioParadise!