Outreachy: Day13

Lots of time spent getting acquainted with react-transition-group – for animating our menu buttons. We are currently doing this with pure CSS, but, since this library is already being used in another part of the project, we might as well try and make it cleaner using this library (the current CSS is hard to read!).

Some more examples here, and a good YouTube tutorial here. We’ll be using it with CSS Translate property, moving buttons up and down the Y-axis. 

Back to CSS animations, I needed a quick review on transform and transition. 

Also the CSS3 :not() selector refresher

I finished the teach access tutorial. It took me ages to finish, mostly because it’s very difficult to navigate (anything) using VoiceOver. It was very much worth it, I realized how much harder it is to use the web with any sort of disability, be it motor, visual, cognitive or any other.