cURL and APIs

Bahmni project is officially underway!

After meeting with our RGSoC coach and making sure that all the paperwork was done, we can now focus on working on Bahmni (woohoo!). Our Bahmni coaches already posted the first “story” on our Jira dashboard.

I think they are called stories, because they are written from the perspective of the user, as in, the user should be able to click this and submit that, and then something (that the user expects) should happen. It’s strange, all the new lingo that we have to get used to!

As part of our first story, we need to review HTTP requests. I’m not that great with terminal and cURL yet, so I’ve been using Postman – which is a nifty tool for sending API requests. (cURL is how you can do HTTP requests through the Linux terminal. I think.)

API or Application Programming Interface is how applications talk to each other. So, to start with we’ll be using the Bahmni API to POST HTTP requests, which will then be available on a specific URL. As our first goal, we need to build a form that will allow users to input all the information in a beautiful, clean form (instead of sending a somewhat dirtier HTTP POST request).