Any Questions?

Survived the day 2 of the SPA conference!

I’ve started the day by having a great conversation with one of our own coaches on my train line to London.

Started SPA with an interactive workshop on Asking Questions (and can questions be stupid?), followed by a talk on functional programming. Functional programming is hard, but it was good to see that even the most veteran of programmers sometimes struggle with (more advanced) concepts. For example, the term ‘monads‘ was mentioned maybe five times, but no one actually could clearly explain what it means! So I guess that’s comforting.

Also, what is Kotlin and why are people loving Haskell so much?

The keynote was a talk on arts, crafts and engineering and how we should combine all three in our programming work. Phew.

Lots of networking in between, and also managed to talk to Gen Ashley about GirlsCode MK (which is good!) and her experience with Women Who Code, Women Techmakers and the nine million other initiatives this super busy lady is running.

I think I drank 5 cups of coffee and was feeling a bit shaky towards the end. Will try to take it easier tomorrow.

I’m, as of today, a proud member of 16 slack groups…