And So It Begins

Today was the first day of the Rails Girls Summer of Code. We started off by going to SPA conference in London. It was a great day with lots of workshops; two stood out:

1. Performance in Regular Expressions: most importantly I learned about the regex debugger tool and the fact that inefficient Regex can break your app! More on what we’ve covered here.

2. Hacking Web Apps with Zap proxy – we, unfortunately, ran out of time before doing any serious damage, but it was a fun workshop. I talked to the instructor afterwards as well and am hoping that she can help us find someone that could teach us this stuff at GirlsCode! OWASP London would be a good place to start.

The weekend was sufficiently productive. I’m finally making some progress with React and have finished the tic-tac-toe game as well as the Product Hunt clone voting web-app. I’m still six algorithms shy of completing the JS certificate (that I’ve been dreaming of). Since I’ll now be working on Bahmni, it’s probably going to slow down to one algorithm per day.

I’m currently a member of no less than 15 slack teams…

I got myself a new Visual Studio Code theme. It’s called Nigth Owl, and it’s beautiful!

Plan for tomorrow: go back to the conference and smash it!