About GirlsCode MK

Not enough women are entering STEM careers and we want to do our part in changing that.

Django Girls MK

It all started with the Milton Keynes chapter of Django Girls in 2016, and since then we haven’t stopped organising events and securing places where cis and trans women can learn how to code in a safe, inclusive environment.

We’re trans-inclusive, we welcome all women from all paths of life.

All workshops are free to attend.

Django Girls TNMOC

GirlsCode MK Meetup Group

We host bi-weekly coding workshops for girls and women of all ages and backgrounds. A team of hero volunteers join us to help attendees overcome any hurdle they encounter.

All events are beginner-friendly and welcome those with zero coding experience as well as those who are currently employed as programmers and web developers. Everyone is welcome and those with more experience can either get together to develop projects or coach beginners.

Our meetings are informal and relaxed. Take it as a space where you can come, have a chat about coding, have wifi and electricity to try out coding, swap tips, ask questions and even play some beginner-friendly online coding games. If you a ready to start your web-developer journey now, check out this short guide.

We study languages and frameworks such as Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more!

Now that you’re asking, yes, men are welcome to attend as well, but since our space is limited we’ll prioritise women. We don’t want men out of the IT industry, we just want more women in it!

We want to encourage more women to become web developers by sharing the wonderful world of coding.

NodeSchool MK

NodeSchool is our newest workshop to learn more about Javascript and Node.js. The meetup is suitable for all levels and everyone is welcomed.

During our workshops, attendees learn how to use the terminal/command line to begin learning Node.js, an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for server-side and networking applications. Node is a great way to get into full-stack JavaScript development.

All of the above events are held in The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park.

At GirlsCode we believe in co-learning. Share what you know with others and help those that are less experienced than you are. Be kind.